Smart snack cookies & more!


Traditional baked cookies & dough


Baobab snacks

seriously yummy!

We take making cookies, well...seriously!

Our goal is to produce food so good that it's the closest our customers can come to
fresh-from-the-oven homemade. It may not lead to world peace but what better way to evoke a sense of comfort, love, and happiness than a delicious warm cookie?

Whether we're making cookies destined for the restaurant around the corner, the store you stop by on your way home from work, or the delicious treat on a child's tray at school, we're passionate about what we do.

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NEW! Smart Snack Brookie

You may be asking yourself, "What is a Brookie?"

Well, it's a yummy cookie nestled inside a fudgy brownie! Not only are they seriously yummy but they're Smart Snack and 1 grain (oz eq).

Available in three flavors: Chocolate Chip, White Chip and Confetti.

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